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300D 1992 turbo problem

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When I puch the accelerator down to engage the turbo I get a black cloud behind the car.
In troubleshooting the problem I checked the vacuum motor on the intake (discharge from the compresor on the turbocharger) I hooked up my vacuum pump to the vacuum motor but i could not get the vacuum motor to move, from this i assume the vacuum diaphram is ruptured or leaking excessively.
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You can remove the mixer housing to get a better view, and use some baling wire or something similar to hold the flap wide open. Then just block the vacuum signal to the actuator, and reinstall the housing. You should do the same for the EGR while you're at it. Since you have black smoke, I'd be more concerned that your wastegate isn't receiving a proper vacuum signal, which may be preventing the turbo from building up sufficient boost.

I removed the entire EGR mixer housing from my 602 and converted the turbo over to a pressure signal wastegate actuator from a 603. By doing this, I have eliminated a significant number of potential problem areas and simplified the vacuum requirements. Here's the basic vacuum routing needed on the single cam diesel engines.

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