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300ce questions

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Hi all
I went to view a 1988 300ce with 120000 miles on it today. I have a couple of questions, and i'm after some advice.

On starting from cold, i had to turn the key with my foot on the gas for about 5 seconds before it would start. Is that normal, or should it start instantly like a modern car?

The car has also been lowered, and was quite stiff when going over bumps. It also squeaked and clunked when going over the bumps; is this a very bad sign?

There were minor body blemishes. Do these cars rust badly, or are they very soildly built?

The gas pedal had a very long travel, and needed a good shove to get any response. Is this normal? Once you pushed it the car seemed powerful and seemless and was a dream on the motorway.

The aircon takes a few minutes to cool down. Is this normal, or is there likely to be a problem?

There is no obvious service history, but the milage appears genuine. What are the main things i should look out for when i go to check it again.

Thanks in advance
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My current daily driver is a 89 300CE AMG. I can do nothing but praise this car for the beating it's taken from me, and no mechanical problems what so ever. Mine has 94k on it and I highly maintain it. I went threw the same starting problem the beginning of this winter and replaced the cold start. Although I have found no parts terribly exspensive so far, you might want to do what 67_250SE suggested and take it to the dealer for a fine go over.This would inable you to know what your dealing with first hand. Mine is as solid as the day it was built and I have several older Benzs I can say the same for. If you do decide to get the car and run into parts problems I would be happy to point you in the right direction for them.
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