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300CE Failed (TSI) NJ Initial Emissions test

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Hello to all,

My 300CE has failed the NJ initial emissions test (TSI). It passed the secondary test. Failed on HC ppm Low Idle (447 —above 220), and HC PPM High Idle (228 —above 220). You can take a look at the test results in the picture. Now this vehicle was my rescue project. It sat in a friend's driveway for about 7-8 years. After spending some significant dough and my wife's harangue, disapproval and head-shaking: "I can not believe how much money you put into that that car and the garage..." The failure is definitely a confidence shaker. However...I have not given up yet...Of course :)

So, just a quick background: The vehicle had a head gasket issue, and consequently some oil in the cats. Gasket is fixed, but I am assuming the cats may be the culprit? Also...I have not put in a new air filter yet (It is in the mail). Could the result have any thing to do with air blockage (since it is at idle).

Passed the CO test. Only failed the HC test at high and low idle (TSI test). And, it seems better at high idle vs low idle. It almost passed.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe injectors are dirty etc?

Oh...Or...Maybe it will NEVER pass as, I know that I have some oil blow-by on 2 cylinders. Still keeping the faith though.


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Passed Inspection—Yay

I just wanted to point out that the vehicle eventually passed inspection with some adjustment to the engine. Apparently it had something to do with the EGR, and idle air control.
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