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300CE 24 (1992) transmission issues

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When i start my 300CE 24 from an overnight parking, the reverse gear works after like 30 secs into R-position. But after running the engine for more than 20 minutes, the reverse doen't work no more. The reverse tail lights don't even come on. I hear small whirring sound.

Can someone help me out there?
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the whinning could be a lack of fluid or lack of fluid circulation. as auto trannys age the time it takes for them to initially engage will start to lengthen. any more than 5 seconds is not a very good sign. I'd drop the pan and change the filter and flush and fill till there's no more black in the fluid. Then try adding a product like trans x or other good additive which will soften the rubber seals and hopefully get you more hydraulic pressure. good luck and start saving your cash.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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