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300CD purchase-need advice about 1985 CA cars, etc

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I'll be purchasing my very first MB soon. I want a 300cd that will last me for 200k miles at least. Question:
1. How can I determine if a 1985 was sold for the CA market from the vin#?
2. What is Tex seatcovering, and how does it differ from leather?
3. Does anyone know about a 300cd 83-85 that is or may be soon for sale. I've seen those on autotrader, ebay. Other places to look? In the USA?
Thanks in advance, Jeff in Colorado
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Mb-tex is that ultra-tuff vinyl they used in taxi cabs, its really great and it looks like leather, alot of people opted for it or replaced thier worn leather with it because its cheaper and looks the same. There's alot of it out there.
I like personally theres usually some w123 advertised in my area once or twice a week, other than that usually scan the local classifieds and stuff. Heres the link to Denver craigslist:

There are people here that can answer the vin question thou.
Here is a listing of a California 300CD in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a 1985 model so it is the last year of the W123 body style that we all love. Good luck in your search.
simply have a look at the air cleaner assembly. if its a wierd looking smaller round deep aircleaner box, u have a cali model. the large flatter round aircleaner box is what the regular models have, they are also about 25 ps stronger. i would advise against a cali model, and say get a fed model, however if u HAVE to have a cali model to drive it there, (i dont know this), then i guess ur stuck with it, and good luck. she's still a superior vehicle though, so i suppose if performance isnt ur thing, then it ouldnt matter anyways.

Cali model got 118HP, and FED got 123HP. Not a big difference.
i own a cali. emmissions 300cd, look on the drivers fender under the hood by the shock tower nut, there is a relay thet is the size of a cigerette pack if it has one its cali. if it has a big black box in the same area and you open the cover and it has 2 silver relays, its a fed.also make sure the a/c is working before the purchase if its calif. there is not a lot of info on how to fix it, I know this because I excerized the a/c demonds out of my cd. the fed emmissions are by far easer to fix.if its cali and a/c doesnt work , e-mail me and Ill help, that little relay controls/ a/c clutch , shift,and about 3 other things. ggod luck, tex is mb for vinyl,hold out for a car with repair records at least the car has seen someone and can tell you alot of the problems they may have had. make sure the valves were set at 30k look for proof in writing.
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