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Hi everybody,

I'm new in this group, and I'd like to ask people here about a car I wanna buy very soon....
Somebody proposes me a 300SL original AMG 91 model, with 135.000KM for 20.000€.
1) Is it a good car, is anybody get one and have experience with it ?
2) What about the reliabilty ?
3) What about the special points to take care of before purshasing (automatic gear box specially.... ?)
4) Is the car get a huge fuel consumption or maintenance high level price ?
5) Is it really a 97 models limited production with 257HP ? Does anybody have informations about the performance of the car (0-100KM/H, 1000 meters...) ?
6) Special weakness with AMG engine and parts staff ?

Thanks for all your feedbacks and advices !


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