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300 sdl questions, buying it very soon, HELP!!!

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Good afternoon,
I am about to buy a 1987 300 sdl. What should I look for? I am having the shop perform a compression test and a car fax. The car has about 154K on it. Is there a website dedicated just for the sdl? I have looked but most w126 websites deal with 420 or 500 with very little mention of the sdl specifically. I searched these forums but the information is general at best and I am VERY new to the diesel thing. I have also checked out the mercedessshop but they also have limited pre-buyer information for the 300 sdl, at least when I searched they did :D
How should the transmission shift, any funny noises I should be aware of when I test drive the car? Any leaks I should look for? I know about the trap oxidizer, but I have not seen a pic of what a trap oxidizer looks like and what the replacement should look like.
Any assistance you can provide would be of GREAT help.
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Thanks for the quick reply and the info. I have a few more questions:
What signs signal a warp head? Do I have to open up the engine?

What should the compression be on these engines?

So a sound similar to a nail being hammered in the block should make me walk…got it, thanks!

With the car on the lift I am looking for rust and checking out the exhaust, any thing else I need to be aware of while the car is on the lift?

As for the oil pressure where should the needle be while under hard acceleration, idle?

I think there are service records I will ask tomorrow; I know it is a two owner car.

Thanks again!!!
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Thanks for the replies. Okay I will have the mechanic check for signs of over heating. What are flex discs?

Does anyone have any pics of a trap oxidizer?

SO let me make sure I got this right. The o/p gauge should always high or at least close to high regardless of the situation, correct?
THANKS A LOT!!! This forum is GREAT!!! Are they expensive to replace?
Thanks again for all the information. I will be picking it up tomorrow if all is well. I will perform a test drive and have it on a lift so I can inspect it.

I was told there is a very small oil leak, he stated it is in the front of the engine he believes it is the front gasket??? Any ideas?[?]

The seats are pretty rough any suggestions to bring them back to life. There are not tears just worn from the picture (bad camera).
THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!! I am now a proud owner of a 1986 MB 300 SDL with 158K.

I have to get the seats in better shape but it drove the 4 hour trip home just fine...(knock on wood).

It does have rust on the rear wheel well but I checked under the undercarrige and it looked great.

Overall I am VERY HAPPY with the purchase.

I just need to get it in the MB dealer to see if the trap oxidezer has been replaced...

any other preventative maint. items I should take care of soon...

Thanks again...
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Thanks for the welcome and of course the info.

Where can I buy the CH-4 oil? I guess the oil filter must be acquired through Benz parts department?

I was going to have all filters, and fluids changed within a few weeks. Anything I need to be wary of?
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