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Hey guys,

Was looking over some specs when I realized something very interesting. It appears that when AMG was designing the 3.6L AMG and the 7.2L AMG (found in Zonda C12S) they basically used almost the same exact design specs for both engines. The following comparison will show that basically our C36AMGs were the 7.2Ls chopped in half (figuratively speaking).

7.2L = 76.2HP/L
3.6L = 76.3HP/L

7.2L = peak power @ 5900 rpm
3.6L = peak power @ 5800

7.2L = peak torque @ 4000 rpm
3.6L = peak torque @ 4000

7.2L = bore 91mm / stroke 92.4mm
3.6L = bore 91mm / stroke 92.4mm

7.2L = 7000rpm redline
3.6L = 6800rpm redline

7.2L = 555HP
3.6L = 276HP (roughly half)

7.2L = 553tq
3.6L = 286tq (slightly more than half I think due to sheer rotational mass of V12, but not by much)

Needless to say I don't think that this is just a coincidense. Our C36 AMG engines are literally half a Zonda C12S motor :) . Although honestly this is not surprising. BMW did the EXACT same thing with the McLaren V12 engine, they just made a V out of two I-6 M3 engines as well, I guess they took a page out of BMWs playbook.

Either way, it goes to show you just how amazing of an engine our C36 I6 really is and just now much historical importance it has. enjoy

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This happens more then you would think. Look at the Bugatti Veyron, it ihas two VW W-8 motors put together (plus the 4 turbos hahaha) to make a W-16.

Why not got with proven technology and design? Cool find though!
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