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3/2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG 211 4d Sedan Beige 5.4L V8 Supercharged

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Can anyone let me know what you think about this car, just Purchased one with 210km, one owner.

The rear main seal was weeping and has been replaced. The car has had an ECU tune and exhaust fitted, new breaks and roters and pads. Full service history and up to date. Paid $23,600

would appreciate feedback.
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Are you saying you bought a 2004 E55 with 210,000 km (130k miles to us yankees) for $24,000?
Well, I'm not familiar with used car prices over there, but that is a lot of money for an old car. $24k AUD to USD is about $17k. That gets you a W212 E63.

I hope your E55 is absolutely spotless and has every single job done and every single invoice present... in other words, the whole car better be clean, from top to down, including tires, suspension, engine wear items, transmission wear items, fluids changed, etc.

Otherwise yes, I'm afraid you overpaid. By like $7 to 10k USD.
I'm not out to be a downer on you and your big purchase, because honestly that is a pretty clean looking car.

Again, I'm not familiar with prices down under, I know you guys get the shaft on a lot of things, and maybe that is true of used car prices over there. Maybe 24k is actually a bargain depending on your location. I don't know. All I'm saying is that if I convert that price to USD and apply the used car prices that we get over here, then it's too much, compared to what we can get here.

Still, good car! Should be a blast, especially with the ECU tune.... Check the supercharger pulley, it's an often missed maintenance item on the 55's. The pulley is a wear item, just like idler pulleys and belt tensioner, and almost everyone (here, at least) who owns a 55 never changes those.
No worries, fire away. I'm here most days, anyhow. You could @ me ( @Deplore ) or otherwise post your questions and I'll see if I can't wander over.

Protip -- the AMG sub-forum almost never gets traffic, so if you want more eyes on your threads, post in the general forum....meaning you posted in W211 AMG forum, post in general W211 forum. Lots more people there, and E55 isn't too different from the standard E320 or E350 that most people have. So most of your questions will apply to the standard cars as well.
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