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280SE rear windows.

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Coupe rear windows.
Now it is turn to clean the rear window mechanism and replace the seals and felts.

I installed sound damping too.

I’m having a lot of problem getting the old seal out of the window frame.
Is there any magical solution to dissolve the old seal?

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Help removing old window seal

The old seal is stuck/ glued to the window frame.

Is inside a small channel.

I'm using a small hook and pick tool to remove it, but is a very slow process.

Is there any other way of doing this?

Please help!

Any ideas are welcome.
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I wonder if penetrating fluid would help release it from the channel a bit? Maybe not worth the cleanup or risk of handling a slippery piece of rare and expensive glass.
Thanks for your lines. Will acetone help? If I soak the edge, will I ruine the chrome?

I hate old rubber window seals!

Test this first too, it may just turn the rubber into a more aggravating lump of goo!
Thanks for the input, I didn't think of that.:bowdown:

Now I know what an oral hygienist feels like after a long week of work!
Acetone bath

I left the window frame and seal bathing in acetone. I'll report latter..

Wish me luck!
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It’s ventilated, thanks for your concerns I really appreciate it.

Success and help needed, again.

The acetone disolved what ever was sticking the seal to the frame, no damage to the chrome.

As you can see the frame has a dent that will make difficult for the seal to slide in.

How would you straighten it? Should I cut it? Should I leave it as is an just try to slide the seal in?

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It looks very nice!
Thanks for your advice.
Now I will do the other one.
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Rear wheel well rust mistery.

While cleaning the rear window panel I found the sunroof drain.

Is a black hose that dewaters inside the window panel just infront of the well.

I made a video for better reference.,itag,ip,ipbits,expire&signature=6F4463615C200631D9D57DF24681FD37C0EF7864.786C7C2C21A1B3F0F81A4E77670F11498C05F69A&key=ck1

Is this the cause of the well rust?

If the drains get blocked the water will remain inside the panel for a while.
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Turn for the left rear window.

This is what I did to replace the rear window seals. These are not instructions. I'm sure someone has the proper procedure. Be careful using the acetone is extremely flamable!

1 Remove rear seat.
2 Remove rear panel.

3 remove top frame, 5 big phillips srews.

4 Separate the felt holder from frame.

5 Remove felt

6 Remove window from frame. Two phillips and one 10mm bolt.

7 Slide window out.

8 Remove slider frame, or whatever the name is. Sorry for my ignorance.

It has two bolts at the bottom.

9 Its tricky but you have to move the elevator up and down, to slide the channel out of the frame.

10 Remove the other felt.

11 Soak the old seal in acetone, IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA, to remove from the window frame.
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Use a block of wood and very gentle hammer taps until straightened.
Grubeguy, I will do, I still have a lot to learn and that is why I'm in this forum.
thanks for your comment, but could you please direct me to the tabs, I' m obviously missing something that needs straightening.

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