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270 CDI Vibration ?

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Does anybody has the same problem.
I have a 2002 270cdi when i first start up in the ,morning and drive away i get a lot of vibration and noise in the car, is this normal,
It seems to be a bit quieter when warm i have had my car for 4 weeks and still under warranty should i report this?.
Previous to this i had a petrol 320 and it was quiet.
many thanks

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My 270cdi makes more noise when cold, especially below zero degrees centigrade, and minor vibration which clears after it warms up, this takes about 10 miles.

I have also quietened motor noise by insulating a few weak spots in the 'firewall'; it only takes a hole the size of a pin to transmit considerable noise.

Having said all that, of course, I cannot tell how much vibration you are experiencing. I would report it as it is under warranty.
thanks for your reply
yes take it back and have the dealer take a look at it.[:)]
woz - 3/2/2005 9:39 PM
thanks for your reply
Another thing to think of is fuel, these engines are quite sensitive to fuel quality.

I find supermarket or unbranded diesel a false economy, it might not be properly winterised, it may not have the proper level of additives to keep the injectors clean and I find the mpg falling from 28 to 26 (miles per imperial gallon) at least.

Try a different brand of diesel and see if your vibration is less.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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