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Hi I have a 270 CDI and few days ago I have noticed some unusual things with the car. Seat heater over heating, radio shuts on its own main control panel giving lots of errors…. I took the car to the dealer. When I explain the problems first thing they told me was water drain problem, they were right! They took all the interior out I mean everything and the car was soaking wet! Then they showed me the part which was blocked with mud! when I asked them how did you know without testing the car I have learned that they have been repairing specially 270CDI with same problem quite often!

My reaction was how could they not remove the block part without some has major problem. The mechanic reaction was someone already had a major problem (damaging the main electronic unit).

This has to be covered by Mercedes, but the dealer told me no the head office does not accept the problem as a design fault.

Has anyone had anything like this?


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