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25 Degrees F -Too cold?!

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I started out this morning in my 2013 GL450 which usually runs like a Swiss watch. It was 25 degrees outside, which i've never driven this rig in temps colder than about 40 degrees. Drove about four blocks and suddenly loss of power and I probably had about two horsepower, and the message on the dash came on (see photo). Obviously there must be a sensor that does not approve of being driven in this cold. However, there are millions of vehicles on the road that are not having an issue even in this weather! Or colder! I feel about 100% sure that in a day or three when it warms up back to 50 degrees, it will be fine again. I was able to pull over, restart the engine and it seemed okay again but I did turn around and get back home and park it just in case. Anyone have any ideas what could be the matter? I can scan for codes but will wait a few days till it warms up! LoL.
Merry Christmas!
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Did a little searching and reading, it may be a throttle position sensor giving bad numbers to the ECU because of the cold temp. Just guessing... Luckily it is going to be warming up here tomorrow and I think things will return to normal.
Water is unlikely since I filled up a week ago and have used a third of a tank of gas without any issue, I am 100% convinced there is a sensor somewhere that is unhappy about the ambient temp being so cold. Gas tank is 2/3 Full. I suspect maybe a throttle sensor, a wheel sensor, an anti-crash sensor (at top of windshield)... There's so many sensors, it could be anything... By 5PM Friday we are supposed to be about 40-45 degrees luckily. So I'll either try it then, or Saturday. If it still has issues I'll read codes.
Last drive it had just begun to snow as I was returning home and so some of that iced up and has stayed on the outside of the vehicle even though it's parked under a big roof. So I bet that ice near the top of the windshield is the culprit. This is why I prefer springtime!!!!!!!!!!! Or Summer. LoL
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