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24V Starter Relay for FLU419?

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Any idea where I can get a 24 volt starter relay for a FLU419 Unimog? Also, I need a power steering V-belt, but have no idea of the part number and the old one is nowhere to be found. Any help getting my Mog on the road would surely be appreciated.

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Yeah, now that General Hood has sold out the laminated version, whoever it was that had/would scan them could open the flood gates.
I think I was the "lucky" person who first posted about rat damage on the wiring harness as mine was purchased prior to the big flood of SEEs that occurred in the last year. Mine appears to have been eaten by a "civilian rat" rather then the military rats that reside at the Red River Depot;). It did start and run. I had 21 gnawed off wires (42 ends) and several partially gnawed wires.
I don't know how you (and the others who faced this issue) pulled it off. Sounds like awful work, and lots of it.
On the other hand, I don't think it would be that big of a deal to rewire a FLU from scratch. Especially if eliminating (to me) useless features such as the diagnostic part, most indicator lights, blackout lights, headlights, etc.
Yes, learning the system is a very good thing. It's just that there's more of it than I'm willing to learn about.
To me the FLUs are working machines, not something I bought to travel pavement with, so a functional work light or two in each end is all I need, should darkness come before I'm done. Oh, and dash lights are helpful, too, to keep track of the wellbeing of things. And the wipers, heated windshield, and heater are nice to have.

As far as indicator lights and such go, I see no need for them. It's bad enough that my pickup tells me that I opened the door. If I pulled the PTO lever, turned on 4WD, or something similar, I really shouldn't need a light to tell me that I did.
And if I do, I think that I have no business operating that machine.

Never did give market value much thought. Okay, none. I modify my SEEs as "needed", to make them work better for me.
Although, I keep the mods (if any)easily reversible on the more rare FLU variants. It just seems wrong to change those around.

These are, of course, my personal and opinionated views. And as you know, peakbagger, I'm not a fan of buing a SEE, for example, only to turn it into a basic Unimog by removing it's main features. I know why people do it, but that doesn't mean I like it.
At the risk of upsetting most everybody here, I should mention that I bought work-machines, which happened to have Unimogs holding the implements on. But now that I have them, I must admit that the quirkyness of the FLUs has me spellbound.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox, let the hate mail begin.
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The next challenge will be to figure out why all wheel drive is not engaging. Page 3-266 in the Tech Manual Vol. 1 helps, but doesn't quite get me there. I hope I don't have to lift the cab.
First of all, do you have sufficient air pressure to make the air cylinder work?
If so, does it move the lever at all?
I will also invest in a mouse trap to keep on the floorboard :)
You should get one of those somewhat rare retroactive mouse traps. I bet peakbagger wish he'd bought one some time ago.
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