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24V Starter Relay for FLU419?

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Any idea where I can get a 24 volt starter relay for a FLU419 Unimog? Also, I need a power steering V-belt, but have no idea of the part number and the old one is nowhere to be found. Any help getting my Mog on the road would surely be appreciated.

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Start by downloading the manuals, guides, and part list. It's thousands of pages, but filled with the information you will need.

TM-5-2420-224-10-HR - Hand Receipt
TM-5-2420-224-10 - Operators Manual
TM-5-2420-224-14 - Transportation Guide
TM-5-2420-224-20-1 - Technical Manual Vol 1 (note there are at least 3 revisions of this)
TM-5-2420-224-20-2 - Technical Manual Vol 2 (note there are at least 3 revisions of this)
TM-5-2420-224-24P-1 - Parts & Tools Manual Vol 1
TM-5-2420-224-24P-2 - Parts & Tools Manual Vol 2
TM-5-2420-224-34 - Repair Manual

Then start researching the part. You will first need to learn "the Army way" of categorizing things. Then get a basic understanding of the NSN and cage codes. Every part has an NSN number (National Supply Number... or NATO Supply Number, depending on which side of the pond you are on) that tells you the general part category (Federal Supply Group and Class), the originating country, and the item identification number. From there, you can look up the NSN to find one or more cage codes (manufacturer/supplier ID codes) and the manufacturer part number that equates to the NSN.

So you start by going in the parts manual and finding the starter relays (there are actually two in the circuit, you have to reference a completely separate electrical schematic to find that...), which appear in diagram# 57, part# 24. The part listing tells you that is NSN# 5945-01-251-8699, with a primary cage code of 64678 (Daimler Trucks) and part number of 002-545-66-05 (just a MB part number). From there you can cross-reference the NSN to find additional parts like Bosch 0332209211. But it's really just a pretty standard auto format base relay with a 24V coil.

The steering pump belt is part# 35 of diagram# 176 in the parts manual, which shows as NSN# 3030-01-247-3224, cage code 24161 (Gates Corp), manufacturer# 9365... which is a standard Gates XL 1/2"x36-1/2" belt. Further researching the NSN, you can find a wide range of alternate manufacturer parts including:
Daimler 0059970992
Dayco 17365
Parker-Hannifin 42-2340
Optibelt AVX13X925LA

Note that NSNs and manufacturer number can and will be found to be invalid or missing/with additional digits. So there are frequently cases of multiple slightly-different part numbers for the same item.
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As Peakbagger and FLUFarm noted, there are 2 separate places to look. The first is the Technical Manual Vol1, starting under the diagnostics on page 3-70 "Engine Will Not Crank". Getting down to step# 13 on page 3-74, it goes into testing the 2 starter relays, with a starter wiring diagram on page 3-77.

Now you get to the unfortunate problem... there is no comprehensive electrical wiring diagram in the Technical Manuals. There are little bits of the system diagram scattered through, but nothing in one place. For that, there is a separate wiring diagram wall chart, NSN# 7610-01-475-7996, part# GOV-041. Several came out on the surplus market a few months ago, but only a handful.
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