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24V Starter Relay for FLU419?

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Any idea where I can get a 24 volt starter relay for a FLU419 Unimog? Also, I need a power steering V-belt, but have no idea of the part number and the old one is nowhere to be found. Any help getting my Mog on the road would surely be appreciated.

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Choprboy, Peakbagger and Pcoffee,

Thanks a million for the information.

Choprboy, I was able to duplicate your search for the power steering belt, but true to Peakbagger's comment I was unable to locate the electrical schematic to find the starter relays.

Anyway, thanks for the part numbers. I ordered both items off ebay so the FLU419 should be in operation soon.

Thanks also for the advice on the hydraulic cooling fans. I will check to see if the motors are frozen up.

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Ahh, yes I found the Electrical Troubleshooting section. The location of the two relays, and the wiring diagram on Page 3-77 are a big help.

The next challenge will be to figure out why all wheel drive is not engaging. Page 3-266 in the Tech Manual Vol. 1 helps, but doesn't quite get me there. I hope I don't have to lift the cab.
There is plenty of air pressure. I will have to check to see if the air cylinder plunger is moving. Thanks!
Peakbagger, I will plan on replacing that air line from the regulator to the air tank(s). These machines look to be fundamentally sound, but with a lot of systems that just need periodic maintenance. I will also invest in a mouse trap to keep on the floorboard :)
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