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my exhaust manifold has been cracked for awhile and the crack is starting to grow. PO had it welded but that didn't work...will any other manifold work such as a 190 2.3? anyone have a clue?

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Manifold cracking seems common Ive had two fail one on the rear manifold of a 280ge and one on a Sprinter diesel.

The best solution is to replace with new or good second hand, the reason being that any manifold leakage not only emits fumes but will weaken mixtures and cause overheating and erratic running.

You can weld successfully CLEAN cast iron by the use of arc welding rather than gas.

To get good results you need to have clean metal and shape the crack to a U rather than a V.
The best rods to use are a special one for cast or cast to mild steel and are very high in nickel (Typical use would in the UK be STUBBS 8S). thin layers are applied lengthways to fill the crack and then crosswise to stitch it.

The use of s small punch applied liberally over the weld area and to its edges will improve the bond and final build up using more readily available and cheaper fillers.

Using these materials a reasonable repair can be made provided the origional component has sound castings. You can over patch and use steel for the patch with this rod.

Check that the manifold is aligned to the pipe and that the support rubbers are sound.
Also check that timming and injection system are accurate.


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Hello Termite,
I have recently installed a diesel engine in my 1987 230GE and still have the complete engine and 4 speed transmission that I removed last year.
The 230 GE engine is a replacement engine that was fitted in Germany by the previous owner at 115,000 km and the vehicle had 180,000 km when the engine was removed. I expect that the original engine manifold was retained when the new 230 engine was installed however. The invoice (in German) for the purchase and installation doesn't specify either way.
So, I can remove the manifold if you need one, 'tho its probably less costly if you can find one nearby and can avoid the trans-continental shipping.
Please email me if you are interested.
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