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230ce - 5-speed

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I know that the auto-to-manual transmission swap has been discussed many times here, and i have read through all most all of those posts and could not pin down an answer to my questions. I am wondering if the 5-speed in the 230ce will work in a 300td/t. Hopefully this will only require the work discussed when swapping a 4-speed from the 240d. please let me know.
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Yes i did. I have been preparing to make the purchase only to find out that is in fact a 4-speed!!!! aaagh!
Not that i don't trust you Martin, i just want to confirm that this FOR SURE will not work. I am going to look at the car tommorow and they are asking half of what they wanted before. If infact this transmission wont fit my 300td, does anyone want it? I am buying the car strictly for the bumpers+headlights and the rest of it will be up for grabs.
Went to look at the car today. The body is pretty rusty everywhere and the rear bumper has a small hole in it. The lights were in perfect condition as was the front bumper. Everything else is pretty sketchy. The interior is black and the rear seat was in very nice condition. Both of the fronts are shot. They are asking $500 for the car and i passed. It also has a reconstructed title. I don't think the car is going to go anywhere so im going to wait it out and try to get it for less.
I am located in Portland, Oregon. I didnt get the car today, but as far as i know it is still available. If it winds up in my hands all parts will be available here.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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