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230ce - 5-speed

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I know that the auto-to-manual transmission swap has been discussed many times here, and i have read through all most all of those posts and could not pin down an answer to my questions. I am wondering if the 5-speed in the 230ce will work in a 300td/t. Hopefully this will only require the work discussed when swapping a 4-speed from the 240d. please let me know.
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Hmm. do the pedals and shifter linkages and all the necessary pieces to convert a W123 sedan transfer over from that 230CE?

If all you want is the bumper and headlights I would definitely be interested in everything (pedals, master clutch cylinder, slave cylinder etc) for a conversion if you're not pulling that already. :)

Aren't you down in San Clemente?
bboybaroo if and when you go back to the car grab me whatever you can get, shifter, linkages, pedals, clutch cylinder, slave cylinder and whatever else you can get to do a W123 conversion. Are any of the driveshaft pieces left?

Where are you located?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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