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230ce - 5-speed

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I know that the auto-to-manual transmission swap has been discussed many times here, and i have read through all most all of those posts and could not pin down an answer to my questions. I am wondering if the 5-speed in the 230ce will work in a 300td/t. Hopefully this will only require the work discussed when swapping a 4-speed from the 240d. please let me know.
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Yea it should work as far as I know. Did you get lucky and find a 230ce?
Dang that stinks. The 5er was an extra cost option so for a "lower" 230 some people may have not wanted to invest the extra amound. With the transmission you will still need a heavier flywheel, either from a euro 300 (best option) or a 240 stick.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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