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Hi all,

I'm a new c63s owner, picked d it up early Feb. The first drive I had after being at the detailer for 2 weeks, I had a grinding front left brake. Brand new car, 25km on the clock. After a couple km's I was able to get out and inspect it and found a ring in the rotor. Ever since then I have had the left front brake sqeak at a certain point on the rotor. Only at low speed and light braking, ie pulling into driveway/garage or slow stop at the lights. Never heard a peep from any other 3 corners. Been back to MB 4 times now.

First time was a deglase of pads and machined rotor. Second time was new pads. Last visit they tried anti squeak things... every time the result is the same, squeak front left. I keep the car clean, no brake dust build up. I use the car mostly on highway driving, but plenty of spirited squirts and hard braking.

I understand completely that these brakes can be noisy, however I think my issue is something different given the first issue I had. Trying to add videos of it but won't work for now. Will come back to it.

Thanks for any advice or comments.
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