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Hi all,
I am brand new here so please forgive me if I am not following certain rules; again, I am new here.

I've just purchased a 2019 450 S Class and it rides like a 1991 Suzuki Samurai! I took it back 2 days after purchasing it and they couldn't diagnose it. I had to go back in and drive my brand new car with the shop foreman so he could see what I was referring to. It turns out that I was right and they replaced 3 of the 4 tires due to "flat spots." After 9 days in the shop, I get the car back only to have the same "hopping" feeling I have in the rear of the car, the driver's seat rattle and the steering to have a "chatter" to it. All of this typically takes place at 63 MPH.

When I took the car back in again on the 12th day of ownership, they said that this is the way that the car drives and I need to put 2000 miles on it before they look at it again. They had me drive a different 2019 450 S Class like mine and I will be honest, that car drove similar but not as bad. I do have the sport package on my car that comes with 20 inch rims but, could this really effect the ride so severally?

I fully expected the S Class to drive like it is on a cloud and not like I need to have the wheels balanced!

Now that you have the backstory, my simple questions are:
1. Do 20 inch "sport" rims and sport package effect the rife to where you feel like you are getting a back massage while driving and
2. Has anyone else had a "rough ride" like mine?

Thanks so much for your positive and honest feedback. Needless to say, I am thoroughly disappointed with this car and I just made the first payment. Ugh.
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