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2016 GLE350 AC blowing warm air

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I have a 2016 GLE350 and just recently the AC started blowing warm air. The clutch on the compressor is engaged at all times when the AC is turned on. At first the air would be warm periodically and then get a little cooler throughout the ride. Then I noticed if I turned the AC off and waited 5-10 minutes, when I turned the AC back on it would be blow cool for about a minute before warming up again. I checked the pressures and it was reading 60 psi on the low side and 175 psi on the high side. A good friend of mine works at an Acura dealership so I took it to him to have the refrigerant levels checked and we vacuumed out 2.42 lbs of refrigerant and put back in 2.37 lbs (manual calls for 1050 grams). After performing this service the pressures went exactly back to where they were previously. After letting it idle for about 15 minutes the low and high side pressure ended up equalizing out at 110 psi each. To me this points to a compressor failure, but I would like some input before throwing parts at it.

I had also noticed through some research of people conducting a Climate Control Reset by holding down the air recirculating button and defrost button at the same time while the key is in the #2 position. This didn't produce any results like described in the procedure. Is there a different procedure on this model that I'm not aware of?

Any advice would be appreciated before I bite the bullet and take it to the dealership for a $160 diagnosis.
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