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2016 GLC300 Cracked Piston #2

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I have a 2016 GLC300 and a check engine light of misfire. The car has 56K miles on it and what do you know it is out of warranty by 6k miles and few months. Dealership has checked out the vehicle after taking the head off to look inside the cylinder #2 - found out that cylinder #2 has a cracked piston that is 1.5 inches long. I have contacted Mercedes' customer service and corporate has declined my good will warranty claim giving me the usual run down - the vehicle is a 2nd owner, even though the maintenance has been done completely at the dealership, it is out of warranty so on and so forth. It is now up to the dealership and regional manager to perhaps cover it under good will warranty or give me a big discount. The estimated bill is $8,500 - WOW! I live in New Jersey so prices could be a little higher.

I really think that there is a defect in that piston that led it to be cracked at such a low mileage. Whilst I understand the mechanics of how cars work and may break down after abusive usage and low maintenance, I assure you it is not the case here. This car is taken care of like it is a baby - very clean up to par on so many levels. A "MERCEDES-BENZ" should not simply have a faulty piston like mine that cracked due to what ??? nothing ??? If it does, it should be covered based on records of maintenance and good will and they should 100% stand behind their cars. What do you guys think? Has anybody had the same problem in these cars or in any other cars that have the same engine like the C class? I am asking if there is anywhere to turn/ escalade this situation to get this car fixed by warranty?

Please comment below - anything is appreciated.
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M274 and M270 are known for cracked pistons, particularly the early models. #1 and #2 is usually the issue.

MB definitely knows of this issue, they're common enough that even I have replaced a couple pistons in my shop. And always early models. One was a salvage title with 22k, and wasn't under warranty.

Do not let this go.

Not a tsb, but this is a internal doc. MB is aware of it.
They totally should. But standard corporate procedure is basically deny deny deny to the very last end, and only when faced with legal action or serious penalty, then will take action.

It sucks major balls, but that's how it is. Being nice and not screaming at the poor hapless service advisor doesn't take you far....sometimes pulling a karen is pretty much the only option, and you have to go up the ladder.

Every single corporation does this, from VW/Audi with their piston ring failure on the 2.0 TFSI, to BMW and valve stem leaks and bad turbo to MB with cracked piston. It sucks balls.
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Open a case with corporate, see where that gets you.
Start looking at independent shops, see how much they charge... Either for piston replacement or engine replacement.
I'm honestly not that surprised. Find an Indy who has done the piston replacement and have them do it. Good Indy will charge anywhere from 3-5k.
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