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Hi All,

A check engine light recently came on (car has 38k miles on it currently); I had the code read at my independent as P052E71. He recommended checking with the dealer to see if it was covered under the emissions warranty. One call to the dealer later and they say it probably is not, and will require a $180 diagnostic and probably a $1200 repair with parts and labor. The dealer also claims the car will not be able to pass New Jersey emissions without this repair, which is due by the end of April.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone have experience with such a code?
2. What is a reasonable rate to replace the crankcase ventilation valve?
3. How difficult would a DIY repair be? I have very limited experience working on cars although I am graduating in May with a degree in aerospace engineering and would consider myself quite handy and mechanically inclined. My remaining classes are also online which leaves me some time to do this.

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