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Hi everyone. Posting here as I'm having a weird vibration from the center or rear of the car on my '14 c300.

Never had an issue in 169 000 kilometer but this started about 2 weeks ago when getting on the highway, I heard a lot about the infamous transfer case issue these cars are known for and I'm a bit shocked that even the 2014 might gm have this kind of issue..

Weird humming (bearing like) noticeable at ~80 km/h and over. The vibration is pretty much always there but gets very noticeable at highway speed as well as a slight "rumble noise".I can also hear a very faint tin can swoosh coming from under the car at ~30 km/h.

Brakes,tires and rear suspension were all done this summer.

This seems to be speed related and not rpm related.

Car is getting checked in a few days just looking if anyone experienced this or had to deal with transfer case issues on their facelifted W204 (13-14).

Sorry if this was already answered. I could not find anything about a 2014 w204 with the same noises I'm getting.
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