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2014 Mercedes Sprinter 310 LWB
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Good evening,

Need some help with getting to the bottom of windscreen wipers not working. Motors are fine as wipers will work when operating windscreen washer but not in automatic in all 3 settings. I've checked the fuse and relays just to rule them out, they are all in operation. I've seen that if the doors or bonnet is open then the wipers won't operate, I, haven't been able to locate the sensors to rule this out so assume it's in the locking mechanism? Is there a way I can test this? Something that is different is that when I use the remote to lock the van the indicators flashes 3 times instead of twice (how it use to) but I think this may be due to another issue. I have seen on other forums that some Merc saloons/sedans have this problem and it ends up being the wiper switch that needs replacing. Is this a garage job or simple enough for someone with the right tools and a bit of knowhow to complete?

Many thanks
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