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So I've bought this 2014 E63 with 60k miles on it. It's in excellent condition throughout.only problem I have is the restraint system malfunction warning on the dash with a light on. I took it for its B1 service on Friday. I asked them to find out what the problem was they just said the the airbag control module needs replacing at a cost of about €600-700.

When I bought the car the guy I bought it off said it has a stage 2 remap around 700hp. He also mentioned that the previous owner who had the car re mapped tried to get the noise coded out when you don't put the seat belt in while driving. Is this even possible? Do you think it would've thrown the restraint system malfunction error up. I'm looking at buying a second hand unit for £90 and seeing if it works.

Will I just need to install it and it should work or will the error code still need to be cleared. What sort of code reader will clear it. I'm looking at getting a Eurocharged tune at some point in the not so distant future, now they supply a hand held my genius. Would that do the job of clearing the code?

Hopefully someone can help.
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