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Hello all, this is the second time radiator is defective and now having coolant in trans and vise versa. The first time this occurred was at 50k and was repaired under factory warranty including reman transmission, new radiator, all new coolant lines, and reservoir. Now I’m at 78k and just discovered the sludge in coolant reservoir, drove to dealer and they confirmed it was transmission fluid. They want 20k to replace transmission and fix everything else. They said flushing would not be a guaranteed fix. I spoke with a few independent trusted repair shops and they said maybe a used transmission and aftermarket radiator. Some said they can try flushing but no guarantee. Has this happened to anyone? The car is still at the dealer and was driving just fine only a slight harsh sift from 1-2 under heavy acceleration. Any recommendations are welcome please. The car is a beautiful garage kept 2014 Polar White E350 sports sedan. Thank you very much, any information helps.
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