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2008 AMG CLK63 Conv., 2012 R350 4-Matic, Wife's 2015 C300 sedan
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These have been getting a LOT worse in the last few days and I've ordered new wheel bearings (needed doing anyway), lower control arm bushes x 4 and ball joints x 2.

Noise sounds like a series of loud pops and bangs when accelerating gently or slowly going up a steep grade like the entrance ramp to a parking garage. Sound is coming from the front left wheel well area.

Budget constraints mean this work is going to be done by yours truly on the driveway, but is there anything else I should be looking that could be the source(s) of the noises for while the front is up on jack stands?

Not complaining as the car has done 210K miles / 336K km, just wear and tear.

If anyone's got any tips for doing the work I'd appreciate them too.
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