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In the past we might have compared the SLK to that cute girl next door, or perhaps even a confident woman in a short suit skirt and naughty secretary glasses. So weren't we shocked when Mercedes unveiled the all-new 2012 SLK. To carry on the metaphor, the internal monolog most certainly sounded like this: "Whoa it's a dude."

Perhaps "dude" isn't quite the right word. The chiseled features of the SLK aren't at all the somewhat corny romantic comedy type. Rather, they're the square-jawed, five-o'clock shadow in a Hugo Boss suit type. Not a clear enough picture? Just think about the last cologne commercial you saw. Yea, it looks like that guy.

But handsome looks will only get you so far and on further inspection the SLK doesn't seem to bring much to the table. Thankfully, a drive in the SLK350 reveals much more than a spec sheet can tell you.

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