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I have a 2012 CLS 63 with 11,500 miles and the front tires are shot because of excessive wear on the outsides. The tread on the centers is good. One of the rears is also wearing on the inside. This is my 3rd CLS AMG, 1 CLS55 and 2 CLS63s and I averaged about 20,000 miles on a set of tires, various brands, on the previous 2 cars.
The dealer can’t offer any explanation. The wheels have been aligned and balanced on a Hunter road force machine. Here is my question. The tire pressure chart on the inside of the gas filler flap recommends 39 lbs all around for driving with 4 passengers and luggage at speeds up to 155 mph, and 51 lbs all around with 4 passengers and luggage up to 186 mph, BUT the sticker on the pillar by the driver’s door says 51 lbs all around, period!
I have been keeping the pressure at 41 lbs faithfully since I got the car. The dealer says 51 lbs is ridiculous and I agree but now I am wondering........
I need to replace the Conti Sport Contact 5Ps pretty soon and would like to figure out the tire pressure question before I get new tires. I live in SoCal where it is dry most of the time and am thinking of getting either Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Positions or Michelin Super Sports but would appreciate any other suggestions.
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