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I was having difficulty with the HomeLind programming on my new 2012 CLS 550 in accordance with the Owner's Manual instructions. After contacting the HomeLink website, below are instructions for the 2012 that worked like a charm.

Thank you for visiting our HomeLink website regarding the issue you are having with your garage door opener. Referenced below are the instructions to program a rolling code-equipped device to HomeLink. If at any time you have a question or would like to speak with someone, call the HomeLink customer service center at 1-800-355-3515 and an agent will be happy to help while you are on the phone. We are open: M-F 5am-6pm & Sat. 7am-4pm MST.

1. With the vehicle ignition in the ON position, press and hold the
desired HomeLink button until the indicator light turns yellow.
2. Release the HomeLink button. The indicator light will continue to
flash yellow.
3. Hold the original handheld transmitter for the gate or garage door
opener (or other device) that you wish to train within 3 inches of
the HomeLink button. Press and hold the button on the remote until
the HomeLink indicator light turns green, either solid or flashing.
4. Release the handheld transmitter button.
5. If the HomeLink indicator light is solid, HomeLink should operate the
door and programming is complete.
6. If the HomeLink indicator light is flashing, press and release the
“learn” or “smart” button on the garage door opener receiver
(motorhead unit).
7. Return to the vehicle and press, hold for 3 seconds, and release the
trained HomeLink button. Perform this process up to three times.
8. The device should operate with the HomeLink button and programming is

Clearing the HomeLink buttons:
1. With the vehicle ignition in the ON position, press and hold the 2
outside HomeLink buttons. The light will illuminate yellow, then
change to green after several seconds. Release the HomeLink buttons.
The buttons are now erased.

If this does not work, please call our customer service center for further assistance at the number above. They will be able to troubleshoot further over the phone, while you are sitting in your vehicle in front of the garage.

Please contact us again if you have additional comments or questions.

Best Regards,
HomeLink Customer Service.

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Thanks VERY much for these instructions. Worked perfectly in the 2012's. The manual is unfortunately wrong, but these instruction here work.
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