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2010 ML350 3.0 Bluetec 4 matic 2017 Sprinter 3500DWR 4x4
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Months ago the ABS light came on and the ABS/EPS module was replaced by a shop supported by the extended warranty.
Around the same time the front CV axles were also replaced. Shortly after, the ABS light came on again. I pulled the front sensors and one of them was covered with grease. I cleaned it off, and the light went away for 150 miles or so. I was afraid there was grease in the hub, pulled the sensor again and it was clean. I had replaced the battery, so I re-did the battery calibration on the steering. While doing that, I noticed my foot was sinking down on the brake pedal. With the engine on or off, the pedal will sink, and not pump up. Seems like no problem, bad master cylinder.
My questions are:
Is there anything about the ABS system that can make the master cylinder act like it is defective?
In the part listing of the original MB part, it warns this is not DYI part. I have replaced too many master cylinders to count, and have a pressure bleeding bottle. Is it really not a DYI repair? The aftermarket parts have no warning.
Anything come to mind I'm missing?
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