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2010 S550 battery / starting problems.

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To begin with; red outline of battery came on dash display. Found Large Battery (AG94) under hood, pass side, charged it, battery message went away. Several days later came on again. Shut off engine, charged battery, car would not start. Battery showing full charge, engine does not turn over, nothing; then batttery charger shows battery needs recharging!!
Also, I have looked in trunk, both sides and cannot find a second battery, some have said this model and year had only one battery, is that true, and if not where is the other one located?? Thanks for any help. 1stS550
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I agree - it sounds like a bad battery (you may also have a bad charging system; have it checked when you change the battery). Yes, you have only the large battery you mentioned, plus a small "additional" battery under the driver's side dashboard. Please see our FAQ & DIY stickies toward the top of the first forum page for links to discussion.
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