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I posted this is the current S forum. Someone suggested I post it here:

I am trying to figure out the latest mapping software for my 2010 S400 Hybrid. My current version is:

"N.America 2009/2010 (V2.0)."

I wrote to Navteq and they recommended current version 8.0 (version 9.0 will apparently be out next week). When I checked, this is the same mapping software for the S series from 2007 forward. I thought that my system is something in-between the 2007-2009 S series and the 2010 E. Some people on here refer to it as Nav 3.5.

When I pointed out to Navteq that my system changed from the 2007-2009 version, they replied as I have copied below.

So my question: does anyone know what maps my 2010 S uses and if an update is available. My car is a late 2009 build, so I would have thought an upgrade would be available by now.


Navteq reply was:

Thank you for contacting NAVTEQ.
Our records indicate that the new navigation system you are referring to started in the 2011 vehicles, for which there are no new updates at this time. I suggest contacting your dealership to make sure what system you have installed in your vehicle.
If you need additional assistance, please send us your feedback by replying to this email.
Kind regards,
NAVTEQ Customer Service
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