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2010 ml350 4matic camshaft position sensor

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How do I replace the camshaft position sensor. Does anyone have a link to video or instructions?
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Camshaft or Crankshaft

Just did my wife's Ml500 which was a tough job. I have heard the V6 is easier than the V8.. I tried to go through the drivers side wheel wheel but couldn't get the heat shields out of the way enough to get in there so went from the top. Not sure I would do it again not knowing anything. Now that I have done it, it's easier.. I spent at least 2 hours trying to figure out how to get to it.
The OP asked about the camshaft sensors, which are easy to get to, in fact they're visible right in front of the engine. The crankshaft is another story.

Here is a quick video on the location of the camshaft sensor and magnet:
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