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2010 ml350 4matic camshaft position sensor

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How do I replace the camshaft position sensor. Does anyone have a link to video or instructions?
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First off you should know, you will not actually be able to SEE what you are doing while you do it. Unless you have an inspection camera. I did not use a camera, I did it all by feel. Mine was a ML500 V8 so I can only instruct on that. You have to pull out the air filter assembly. Then you have to get a blanket/mat to lay on, because you will be laying on the engine with your hands in over the rear of the engine near/under the firewall. Examine your Crank Shaft Position Sensor you have purchased to put in. Understand how it fits in the hole and what it feels like. Now with your hands feel along the top/back of the engine and feel for the sensor. I don't believe there are any other sensors or anything else at all back there to confuse it with. You'll have to disconnect the wire connector. Now, with a female torx, (sorry, not sure what size) use a small ratchet to take the screw out. DON'T DROP IT. (maybe use a small magnet on the outside of the socket) Set the screw aside, and now start working on pulling the old sensor out. Once out, reverse the above directions. As a side note it should be snug but not impossible to get in. a light coat of anti-seize might help re-entry.

I'd rate this repair at least at a 7 out of 10 difficulty, only because you cannot see, and the possible repercussions of dropping that screw. Your face is about to become very intimate with your front vent. :)
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