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2010 GLK350 shudders while driving

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Hi all,

My brother has a 2010 glk350 with 150k miles purchased privately around a year ago. It started having shudders and power loss after 1st gear. There was no check engine light or anything but I figured it was a transmission issue so I told him to take it to the tranny shop. They quoted him $1800 for a new torque converter. Their idea is that the lock up clutch is failing. Before emptying our wallets, I decided to try and change the fluid myself and see if the issue would go away. I changed about 6L of fluid and we noticed that the car regained power and the shudders are 80% cleared, but still there. While slowly accelerating, I notice the rpms shifting up and down like a manual transmission clutch slipping and catching. I think the new fluid is allowing more slippage so its not as rough. I fear that the car might need its torque converter replaced, but I wanted to ask if it was worth dropping the valve body and conductor plate to replace the torque converter lock up clutch solenoid. This would cost around $250 to change out properly. I have no doubt in my ability to do this project, I just want to ask if it is worth it, or to have the shop take the transmission out and replace the whole converter. Thanks in advance for your advice and thoughts
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Latest: just changed all spark plugs. Shutter still there, only when first driven a mile or so. So it's had tranny oil and filter service, new air filter, new spark plugs, looked at engine revved with brake on (fine) and transmission's better that when I picked it up, but still there.
How fun was changing the spark plugs? Did you replace any coils as well? I just did all 6 plugs and one coil
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