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My dealer was able to duplicate the sometimes head snapping jerky acceleration on another 2010 AMG E63. This was quite the revelation. The dealer stopped looking for the problem in my car. Now this poor performance was considered "nominal".

Here is what happens during normal driving, almost always when the engine is cold or still not up to full temp. It can happen in "C" or "S+" modes, but more common in "C". To me it feels like the Auto clutch simply stalls in its engagement. You press on the gas and nothing, engine revs, clutch finally engages, then it throws you back into the seat. If it happens with passengers, it is rather embarrassing.

I have complained about this since taking possession of the car over a year ago. They kept it for several weeks, made some transmission programming mods and told me it would "learn" and get better. It didn't. I took it in again when other strange things started to occur eventually resulting in a dead battery one morning. Prior to that it was doing some real weird things. Occasionally it would not shift out of park. Start, Stop, tried reverse, forward etc. Only way to get the car to move at that point was to shut it off, open the door, (to reset the CPU) then restart. Another little glitch was it wouldn't let me turn off the car w/o putting into park, not every time, just occasionally. This stuff went on for a few weeks then the car went dead one morning. Dealer diagnosed as bad battery, replaced and the other funny things went away. The road side assistant tech thought all of the problems could be tied to the ignition module, but my dealer dis-agreed. It would have been nice if all the problems were fixed.

The dealer suggested I call the customer assistance Center, which I did both times.
Evidently I am the only person with this vehicle to complain, yet it has now been proven that the problem exists in multiple vehicles.

Please let me know if you have experienced this, and if you haven't yet done so, call MBZ and complain. It will not get fixed from one disgruntled customer.

Don't get me wrong, I love most everything else about the car's performance, it rocks. I just want it to behave and respond appropriately.
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