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2010 c300

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I am looking at purchasing a c300. Nice car, dealer maintained. Was owned by original owner until sold to a relative. Has ~ 100,000 miles. In driving it it seemed to have more engine vibration that I thought it should have. I have a 2001 e430 so that is my frame of reference. Feels like a cheaper 4 cylinder car. I know this is a 6, but this engine has balance shafts I think. We picked it up at the dealer after service. Any thoughts? Mounts etc?
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The balance shaft issue was fixed after 2008. Its most likely the motor or transmission mounts. When warmed up and at a stop, put the car in drive. Then put it in neutral and see if the vibration goes away. If so then its most likely one of those mounts. Transmission mount is the cheapest and easiest to replace first.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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