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C300 4Matic
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I'm having a lot of problems with the navigation system in my new C300.
any thought before i bring it back would be helpful.
1. first, sporadically works (see picture). the nav malfunctions after coming out of a tunnel, long overpass, bridge. it loses it's ability to find streets and continually says "off road" even if on a major highway.
2. just goes off kilter - the directions in the system where pre programmed and it was for a route that was 20 miles. so the picture somehow shows 5,800 mi to go.
3. the car is in NY and i've had other cars with navigation, ml 320, lexus rx 330 and never had problems with them finding a route or "off route".

do you think it's an antenna connection, disk prob, or just a bad system?

thanks for the help.


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