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2010-2013 Euro LED Tail Light swap

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Just swapped my US LED taillights with (red) LED turn signal to the European Led taillight with (Orange) LED turn signals. 20min DIY job. Plug and Play. Great way to differeniate your E-Class. It's around $650 to purchase the brand new Mercedes European taillights. These Euro taillights comply with DOT lighting standards. Contact Steve or Wanda at MBenzNL - Home for OEM Mercedes parts.


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Now that's cool!! It's nice to see more modern owners getting into the spirit of embracing European parts!

I've got a set of Euro tails on the way for both my 190E and 500SE; TBH, I never really cared for the additional red stripe on the side of the US-spec tails that the cars have been forced to wear.

The fact that this was plug and play will make this much easier for those who wish to follow suit.
For w212 2010-2013, to install the 2014 US or Euro LED tail lights, a new bumper is required as well as some structural not very feasible.
I think Dwight has a 2014 on the way, that's why he's asking.

Probably not yet, but I'd assume they'd be available soon; you could always PM a European member and see what they can do for you. I could also always just find the part number and call up my parts guy at the dealer and see the cost/availability.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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