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2009 Toronto Luxury/sport Owners Cross Meet, NEW Monthly Toronto standing meet dates

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Well , its back by demand after a short pause for 2008 .
The Toronto Lexus owners meets bi weekly in the west and east ends.
Check back often and subscribe to this post for updates on locations .
I will try and have the last Saturday ones be sponsored by shops who will have giveaways and free food.
If you know of any shops interested in the business let me know the contact info and I'll give them a shout.
It is an open invite but leave the kiddie antics of showing off at home . None of us want police attention because some kid started pumping bass or doing burnouts .
I will also be inviting the other luxury sport clubs I am part of out to make this a larger more interesting event.

The 2nd Thursdays (west end) Mississauga and last Saturdays (east end), Scarborough of every month.

Thursdays will be held at Tim Horton's @ 8 PM in Mississauga directly across the street from the old meet spot at Krispy Kreme .
At 9-10 pm we can walk over to Casey's , which after 9pm has 1/2 appetizers at the bar

Saturdays will be held at Tim Horton's @ Kennedy Commons (Kennedy/HWY 401) located behind the Rona.
Afterwards we can arrange to go somewhere else to eat each month such as Korean BBQ or PHO or plain old wings .

( West ) Thursday January 8th (done)
( East ) Saturday January 31st (done)

( West ) Thursday February 12th (done)
( East ) Saturday February 28th (done)

( West ) Thursday March 12th (done)
( East ) Saturday March 28th (done)

( West ) Thursday April 9th(done)
( East ) Saturday April 25th(done)

( West ) Thursday May 14th(done)
( East ) Saturday May 30th(Coming up)

( West ) Thursday June 11th
( East ) Saturday June 27th

( West ) Thursday July 9th
( East ) Saturday July 25th

( West ) Thursday August 13th
( East ) Saturday August 29th

( West ) Thursday September 10th
( East ) Saturday September 26th

( West ) Thursday October 8th
( East ) Saturday October 31st

( West ) Thursday November 21th
( East ) Saturday November 28th

( West ) Thursday December 10th
( East ) Saturday December 26th

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Sorry for not being clearer .
The west end ( Mississauga )Tim Horton's meet is on west of Mavis on the North side of Britannia (401/Mavis) directly across from the home depot .
The east end (Scarborough) meet is Kennedy /401 Tim Horton's behind the Rona on William Kitchen road .
Just a friendly neighbourhood reminder that the meet is this Saturday April 25th . Yah it is the end of the month already .
So it starts at 8pm BUT...............

A few people are heading to Grand Prix Kartways (downsview park , Keele and shepherd ) at 5pm to get some laps in before going to the meet. If interested just drop by as we should not be hard to miss.

See you then,
Also a few people i have met seem to feel shy about coming out to meets for the first time.
it is not something to worry about , we are not there to scrutinize your car , your shoes or your hairline.
It is all about talking to like minded people with similar interests and car ownership. We get lots of newcomers each meet so you can make yourself one of them too.
BTW Don't show up at 8 pm sharp and expect anyone to be there as people like to be fashionably late around 9.(myself included)
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Just a reminder , we have a meet Thursday night the 14th at Tim Horton's in Mississauga ( West of Mavis / North side of Brittania) across from the Home Depot.
See you there.
Come on out ,
This weekends Saturday @ 8pm meet should be big , as we are having a pre meet Lexus meet with about 50 cars.
Hopefully no rain.
This Saturday the 27th is the east end meet in Scarborough , Kennedy / 401 Tim Horton's .
Feel free to swing by after 8pm as the weather should be real nice.

BTW on a side note i am planning to hold a dent clinic meet in Mississauga in the next few weeks. It should be $120 for your whole car to be dent free . I have been doing these meets for 4 years now and it usually is the one not to miss as it books early since it is less than a 1/3 rd of the price .
Just a heads up , if interested as we may get 2 weeks for summer come on out .
Also i will be taking names in person for anyone interested in dent removal as i have had for the past few years.
Starts at 8 , this time i would finally like to go to Casey's for wings at 9:30-10 ,same place.
Tim Horton's west of Mavis north side of Brittania across from the home depot .
See you there.
This Thursday at 8pm (more like 9 when people get there) at Tim Horton's across from the home depot Terry fox and Brittania for the west end Mississauga meet .

Also have some LED's if anyone is interested. dome ,door and city lights in 194 .

Also the dent clinic will be October 31st The last Saturday in Mississauga . Location to follow later .
Let me know who is interested.
Need 10 committed then 4-5 possibles for the day.
Price is $120 for a full car depending on the dents ( usually 4-7 dime sized dings) Not hail damage.

See you there.
Dent clinic meet , for all those interested it will be $120 for a full car minus hail damage.
If interested pm me all of these details as it fills up quick and it is limited in spots.
The first appointment is 10am and it is getting you in right when the car before finishes not the exact time which is usually give or take 15-30 minutes.

So I need to know your (in a PM)
Real name
screen name
cell number
car model and make
number of dents you have
time you want to fit in

Like every year we try and get indoors for winter and meet at shops with food and heat and this years starts at tires 23 on Halloween at 3pm .
It is located 401/Dixie . Take 401 exit south on Dixie rd, 3rd light (Matheson blvd) make a right and 2nd entrance in the plaza for them right beside the first which is stage west.
I will be there at 10 until about 6 as i am organizing a full day event there like we do every year.

There will be no east end meet as those are scrapped for winter , thanks

The running list is

10 Anthony 3 dents
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no worries if interested let me know the details for an appointment other wise feel free to hang out at the meet.
OK , so here is the updated running list . If you don't see your name I don't have your details in a PM .

Remember the meet is at 3pm with food and drinks. Not all 18 and under beverages.
It is just a regular hang out at the shop with food with the majority of people showing around 3-5 but come by anytime . So feel free to come by and bring a friend if you like even your winter beater. Hell I have my snows on my car already.

As you can see , I will double book some hours as some cars are easier than others . So if a time is taken suits you better , let me know.

10 Anthony 3 dents
10 mistanismo 350z 1
11 Michael GS430 5
12 wonjeremy 350z 5
1 G35fromTO G35 1
3 snowby A3 1
5 NoyPi G35 5

Sorry no appointments held until details sent as every year those without info to call them don’t show up and make someone else miss a time they wanted instead.

Maybes , estimate and/or have not PM’d me their details.

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tires exact adress for those with nav.
1380 Matheson Blvd. E. Unit 5 , Mississauga, Ontario

The update list with all confirmed.
10 Anthony 3 dents
10 mistanismo 350z 1
11 Michael GS430 5
12 wonjeremy 350z 5
1 G35fromTO G35 1
2 turboa IS300 3
2 timtim G35 3
3 snowby A3 1
4 kingpin M45 3
4 preet M3 5
5 NoyPi G35 5
6 M45beast m45 2

The meet is at 3pm for those who are hanging out.
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The usual spot Tim Horton's Mavis and Brittania across from the home depot.
As it is 20 outside now you may not need a winter but a fall jacket instead.
Hope to see everyone out with there snows on. So i won't feel so out of place with mine on .
Meet is tonight (Thursday the 12th of November), starts at 8pm but most show up at 9 and stay till 11-12.
We usually meet on the east side of the building at the entrance to the lot.

Here is the facebook page where i send reminders and location changes , join for a reminder message that i send before it.

GTA luxury / sport owners | Facebook
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