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Hey Guys,

I Have a 2009 C300 4MATIC Engine For sale

Its Already Dissasambled, The only Bad part is the Bottom Block, The egine it self was hydro locked, one of the connecting Rods Broke through the engine block.

Engine only has 50,000 km on it, When the engine was deemed no good from the insurance company,I had it replaced within 3 days, You dont have to worry about water in the engine for a long time.

I have every part that was on the engine...the complete wiring harness, with the coil packs.

both heads, water pump, oil pan, cylinders, connecting rods, ....and so many other parts...

if you need anything from the engine assamble then I have it.

I have proof that the engine only has 50,000 km if anyone is interested.

parts will be going cheap considering i want everything out of my garage.

if anyone needs pictures then i can provide those as well.

please call me @ 519-670-0998 or email me [email protected]

my location is London ontario Canada
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