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Two-seater sports cars are the sort of indulgent fun that will most likely be ignored for the next few years. This is unfortunate, as it's exactly the time that Mercedes-Benz has tweaked its small roadster line to make it more attractive for buyers, and to keep it current compared to other new introductions.

So what we have here is a facelift and mild tweaking of the second-generation SLK that originally debuted in 2004, which was in itself a huge step forward compared to the original. Already a highly accomplished athlete, the latest SLK shows that it's still one of the more attractive entries in the class.

Designers spent some time cleaning up the front bumper and air dam, mimicking even more the company's Formula 1 racers. The three-point Mercedes-Benz star is even more obvious now. In the back, the SLK now sports a rear diffuser, trapezoidal exhaust pipes and darker taillights. The side-mirrors are also new, incorporating the LED turn signals as on most other products in the range.

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