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2009 E350 AMG Sport Package Front Suspension Ride Height Issue

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Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a used 2009 E350 with the sport package and it looks like the front suspension ride height is about 2-3 inches above the factory ride height. I've compared my E350 to others I've seen on the road with and without the sport package and they all sit lower in the front compared to mine.

I've already taken my car to two different mechanics and they both said the suspension is stock, hasn't been touched and the only way to lower the car is with lowering springs.

As anyone encountered a similar issue and are lowering springs the only remedy?

Front Ride Height


Rear ride height
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I put in Bilsteins recently. There's actually 10 steps in the ring clip. When you get the brand new, they're at the highest setting. If you read the old threads, it's anywhere from the 2nd-4th clip setting from the bottom depending on how people describe it and maybe it has something to do with 4matic/rwd, sport/luxury package. The only issue is that to fix it, you basically have to take the whole thing apart, it's the same as replacing struts as you have to get the struts out and compress them to get the spring out and then reset the clip and then put the spring on again. You need to use a good spring compressor as those springs are probably extra compressed.

It's either that or the springs are brand new and they take a couple weeks for them to settle down a little after you put them in.
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Mine were also brand new and they seemed to be a little lower after a couple weeks. They seemed a bit high when I first put them in. Then again, they were probably just higher than whatever was there before.
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