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2009 E350 AMG Sport Package Front Suspension Ride Height Issue

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Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a used 2009 E350 with the sport package and it looks like the front suspension ride height is about 2-3 inches above the factory ride height. I've compared my E350 to others I've seen on the road with and without the sport package and they all sit lower in the front compared to mine.

I've already taken my car to two different mechanics and they both said the suspension is stock, hasn't been touched and the only way to lower the car is with lowering springs.

As anyone encountered a similar issue and are lowering springs the only remedy?

Front Ride Height


Rear ride height
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Springs don't just elongate themselves. Theres a couple different things I'd check...

I don't believe as I think through my time replacing almost my entire front end suspension that bushings would impact this, so cross that off the list.
I'm assuming both front left to right are too high?

This is my bet -- Someone replaced the shocks with new units wrong. If so, there is a height adjustment spring clip, that if its not put on the correct position will absolutely affect ride height. Take a close look at the offending shock absorbers, see if they look original, the sticker should tell you pretty easily compared to the other side/rear. A new shock absorber come "stock" with the spring clip positioned at the highest mark and there are a half dozen settings. When you replace the shock you're supposed to match the same setting from how it came off the car (because different options affect spring height settings).

Thats my gut feeling here is a shop didnt put the spring clip to a matching setting.

Heres an example of when its done incorrectly:
View attachment 2645027

Start there and report back
I really appreciate your response, this is the first thing someone's told me that makes sense lol. I'll take a look into this and report back when I can. Thank you,
It's not the best picture but I just took a pic of the left front shock/spring. I'll be able to get a better picture in daylight.
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