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I am in the market for a new CLS any "must have" options I should consider? What about the warranty i should consider purchasing an extended warranty?
Hi erumsas. The only MUST you should require is the memory for the electrically adjustable front seats. A friend of mine forgot it and every time his wife drives the car it's a disaster to find again the correct position. With mechanical system it relatively easy ; with electric movement it's quite difficult. Tv, Phone, Navigator (in Italy they sell a very stupid version, slow and speaking chinese), parking system (not so clever for me: I had many other cars in which it was easy to understand what happened around the car; with CLS you have a lot of doubts beacause it's slow and reacts sometimes in curious ways) and all other devices on the list depend on the pleasure you have to own them.
Warranty : I pay 135 Euro/month for 5 years or 150.000 km (the first I reach) . No expense for periodical check , oil, brake pads etc., and any other necessary repair. I think to recover at least the half of what I spend only with normal checks; but when I made the contract I thought about gearbox or turbo damages that could be very expensive .... I have already changed in 38.000 km the front crankshaft bearing, the fuel pump, the TV module and I had minor interventions on air conditioning system for bad smelling since the first days:mad:. For MB quality and reliability does not seem to be the same of old models maybe it coud be convenient to think about an extended warranty. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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