Very clean 08 GL320CDI with 208,000 miles…every intention of keeping long term , but motor just quit with no warning and will not start. Can’t get motor to turn over with starter or by hand but no indications CEL or otherwise. Ive got a lot more $ tied up in it than its worth when it was running yesterday . Before I take it to bring a or try to part it out and all the hassle of trying to take it apart piece by piece and then ship all over who knows where I wanted to offer it here where I’ve learned so much from this community for all the MB cars (84 280 SL R107,03 S430 W220, 08 GL450 X164 , 08 GL320CDI X164). I did some checking today and there are a number of used OM642 motors out there with 40-60,000 miles for $3000-$4000 delivered. every thing on this car is like new and works as it is designed to. There are no rips or tears inside and I’ve tried to include as many pictures as I would like to see if I were shopping. Let. Me know if there’s something you’d like to see or ask me. Text /cell 210-213-6682. Thanks, Don.